Home Maintenance Tips

After all the legal work has been completed, it’s time to enjoy your dream home! While it is a celebratory time, home ownership is your biggest investment! Proper home maintenance although it can seem laborious, is a worthy investment of time and resources. Consistent home maintenance can be rewarding as it is cheaper in the longer run. Additionally, the maintenance tasks are relatively easy to perform on your own! Keeping track of these tasks, however, may be difficult. Luckily, we’ve put together a convenient home maintenance checklist to make it easy for you to keep track.


Inspection means regularly checking sinks or drains and ensuring that no debris has accumulated to obstruct the flow of water. A tip for clogged drains is pouring equal amounts of baking soda and vinegar in a cup down the drain. After, pour some boiling water down the drain to finish the job.

The inspection also includes checking the roof for any damage. Damages include cracks, holes, or other damage. If any of these are found, it is important to call a contractor to deal with these issues as soon as possible.

Cleaning Pipes

This refers to the showerheads and bathroom sinks. It is important to remove mineral stains as this can limit rust formation.


If you have a guest room that isn’t always in use, it is important to occasionally run the water from the faucets in the restrooms. This prevents dirt or build-up from hard water accumulation.

Dusting your Home

This means cleaning all the furniture in the house, including shelves, windows, and other appliances.

Repainting the home

It is important to touch up the paint on the outside of the house at least once a year. This can be done by professionals or can be done personally. It is advised to paint the home before the rainy season.

Mowing the lawn

A mowed lawn provides a lovely aesthetic and keeps the air around your residence clean and fresh.

Home maintenance is essential for keeping your home’s value. We hope this checklist helps with just that.